Wednesday, August 26, 2009

beta ALPHA fish.

Travis and I bought our first pet together and named him Napoleon.
He is beautiful and smarter than your average fish, I swear!

I have some beerific recipes planned for this week including slow cooker chili and provençal beef stew.  I spent the last year cooking dinner for my parents almost every night with no real food budget.  It was wonderful to be able to experiment with all sorts of ingredients and dishes.  Cooking on a very tight budget (a just found out we're looking at $21,000 worth of loans budget) has proven to be a blast in an entirely different way.  Boneless beef chuck and our slow cooker have proven to be my best friends.

Life is stressful to the max, but good.  I miss my friends.  You're the only missing parts in this most excellent equation.  By the by, the picture at the top of this post is another from our honeymoon.  We were at Pride Mountain Vineyards on top of Spring Mountain outside of St. Helena.  Super beautiful.  

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Kim said...

if you insist on being so far away, you're going to need to update your blog a lot more. More photos, more witty tales of newlywed bliss & frugal dinner recipes. More delicious beer reviews.
A photo of your new haircut. need to start a new blog just for me...I need my Krauser Fix and I need it now.